5G Wireless WiFi Repeater WiFi Amplifier 2.4G 5Ghz Wi-Fi Booster 300Mbps 1200Mbps 5ghz Long Range WiFi Signal Extender.


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Item specifics

Brand Name: B&T
With Modem Function:No
Wired Transfer Rate:10/100Mbps
WAN Ports:1 x10/100/1000Mbps
Number of USB Interfaces:None
Wi-Fi Supported Frequency:2.4G & 5G
5G Wi-Fi Transmission Rate:1000Mbps
Supports WDS:No
Max. LAN Data Rate:1000Mbps
Model Number:wifi repeater
Standards And Protocols:Wi-Fi 802.11g
Standards And Protocols:Wi-Fi 802.11b
Standards And Protocols:Wi-Fi 802.11n
Wi-Fi Transmission Standard:802.11n
2.4G Wi-Fi Transmission Rate:300 Mbps
LAN Ports:1
Supports WPS:Yes
Color:White / Black
Plug Type:US / EU
Feature 1:Support Drop Shipping
Feature 2:Support Wholesale
Feature 3:Support Free Return ( Some Country)
Feature 4:Support Fast Shipping to Russia
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Function 2:wifi extender,wi fi extender,wi-fi extender
Function 3:repeater wifi,repeater wi fi,repeater wi-fi
Function 4:wifi booster,wi fi booster,wi-fi booster
Function 5:wifi amplifier,wi fi amplifier,wi-fi amplifier
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Function 7:long range wifi repeater,long range wi fi repeater,
Function 8:wifi repiter,wi fi repiter,wi-fi repiter
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Function 10:wifi range extender,wi-fi range extender,
Function 11:wifi signal amplifier,wi fi signal amplifier
Function 12:wi fi signal amplifier,wi fi range extender
Function 13:long range wi-fi repeater
Function 14:5ghz wifi repeater, 5ghz wifi booster
Function 15:5ghz wifi extender, 5ghz wifi amplifier
Function 16:5ghz wi fi booster, 5ghz wi fi repeater,
Function 17:5ghz wi fi extender, 5ghz wi fi amplifier
Function 18:5ghz wi-fi repeater, 5ghz wi-fi booster
Function 19:5ghz wi-fi amplifier, 5ghz wi-fi extender
Function 20:1200mbps wifi repeater,1200mbps wifi booster
Function 21:1200mbps wifi extender, 1200mbps wifi amplifier
Function 22:1200mbps wi-fi repeater,1200mbps wi-fi extender
Function 23:1200mbps wi-fi amplifier,1200mbps wi-fi extender
Function 24:1200mbps wi fi repeater, 1200mbps wi fi extender,
Function 25:1200mbps wi fi booster, 1200mbps wi fi amplifier

Additional information

0,5 kg


120 × 80 × 70 cm



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